If your business is equipped with a telephone service, a telemarketing software is an integral part of your activity. However, it is not necessarily easy to quickly respond to all your customers’ requests. True showcase of your brand, the call handling and cold calling must be flawless in order to retain your prospects and find new customers. Aiming for constant development and improvement of your customer relations ? A telemarketing software is a must-have tool that should meet all your needs.

Quick reminder of what does a telemarketing software consist in

A telemarketing software, or telesales, represents all of the actions you carry out over the phone to get in touch with a large number of customers and prospects. These interactions allow you to finalize sales and improve your customer relations which helps boost your business and sustainably develop it. In order to benefit from a high-performance telemarketing software, it is essential for the latter to be able to make many calls and callbacks. All this communication ensures that you do not miss any requests from your customers and allows you to make more sales.

Why should one use a software to maximize their telemarketing ?

As mentioned above, an efficient telemarketing software implies being available on many different channels at the same time. If the training of your agents plays an essential role in the brand image of your business and its effectiveness, it is important to have a seamless and intuitive tool to optimize it. This software offers many advantages on a daily basis and helps you build a strategy adapted to your prospects and customers with relevant features such as:

  • Detailed reports and statistics of your activity
  • Real-time dashboards
  • Live call and double-listening for feedback and live training of co-workers
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Automation and personalization of calls, text messages, emails and chats
  • Intuitive interface to make your agents’ life easier
  • Programming and personalization of your campaigns
  • Implementation of an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for an automatic assistance to prospects and customers

By precisely determining the needs of your business, you are opting for a telemarketing software installed on your computer when hardware and technical constraints force you to, such as Saas or on a Cloud online storage platform. In both cases, you take advantage of a tool available from anywhere, provided you have an internet connection. Therefore, whether in the office or working from home, your employees benefit from the best working conditions in all circumstances. Your telemarketing software enhances your reactivity, efficiency and agility which allows you to measure significant results on the number of your sales.

A telemarketing software is a tool which is inextricably linked to your sales force. As such, you will always benefit from automating certain tasks or campaigns to increase customer satisfaction and boost your productivity. For an optimal flexibility, we therefore advise you to install an all-in-one software on a remote server that can be used from anywhere. To avoid missing any more sales and boost your customer service, do not hesitate to compare the different offers on the market.